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MOCKE Seat Pad

Forget about uncomfortable kayak seats - and concentrate on paddling instead.


A comfortable seat means you can really dig deep and apply power to your stroke.

The Mocke Paddle Seat Pad is a 10mm thick sculpted PVA foam cushion that moulds to the kayak seat, padding the surface and helping to eliminate the dreaded “dead leg”. It’s especially useful for long training sessions and touring kayaks.

If you need extra height (or cushioning), the seat pads can be safely stacked up and stuck together using the adhesive strips.

  • The generic and ergonomically shaped seat pad fits most surfski, kayaks and other paddle craft.
  • Non-absorbant foam will not soak up water.
  • Long lasting adhesive should keep the seat in place for a good year.
  • To remove peel carefully from the boat.
  • Easy to install: the waterproof adhesive tape is already in place, just position, remove backing tape and stick down.

Weight: 0.1kg
Dimensions: 35 x 26 x 1 cm
Colour: Black


Press seat pad into the seat to assess placing position, with the curved areas of the pad set midway up the back of the seat. Pad should mold to the shape of the seat. Clean the seat area properly before removing adhesive backing and press down.

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