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Nelo 510 Surfski

All the advantages of a surfski and sprint boat in one, and for an excellent price.

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Versatile doesn’t begin to describe this extraordinary boat. It ticks every box.

Take the multi-purpose design of the New Nelo 520 Surf Ski, add the durability of Roto-moulded polyethylene and you get a robust, durable boat that can take the knocks yet performs like a champ.


Take the multi-purpose design of the New Nelo 520 Surf Ski, add the durability of Roto-moulded polyethylene and you get a robust, durable boat that can take the knocks yet performs like a champ.

It’s great for a variety of environments, from rocky rapids, to surf, to flat-water racing. The Nelo 510 Surf Ski is stable, fun, and a great all-rounder that is especially suited to young paddlers, and for training.

A true multi-purpose craft, the Nelo 510 is a:


Nelo has developed the 510 shape for comfort and speed in all water conditions, for any level paddler. The 5.2m length is shorter than many surfskis, making it easier to manoeuver downwind, and to paddle, steer and balance while remaining reactive to body shifts. So it’s fun to play in, has better average speed, and less paddling fatigue. Designed and tested with the help of Oscar Chalupsky, 12 time World Surf ski Champion, it’s the exact same shape as the popular Nelo 520 Surf Ski which was released late last year to glowing reviews.



Super-strong, durable materials mean you don’t have to worry about scratches and dings. If you really bang it up, the Nelo 510 can be hot air welded. It comes with an interchangeable over-stern rudder for paddling down rocky rapids.



The 510 shape and size means it’s great for beginner to intermediate paddlers to practice sprint racing for the 5.2m division. As with all Nelo boats, every detail of the design thought of as an opportunity to add speed: the foot strap, for instance, is padded but rigid, allowing additional power.


Nelo is launching a new International 510 class

The versatility of the design offers paddlers of all shapes, sizes, abilities and disciplines to race against each other in one style of boat: a true test of skill. Nelo boat owners are eligible to borrow a Nelo 510 surfski from any International 510 Class event – you need only bring a paddle.

Check out the Nelo 510 Owner's Facebook Page for more details. 


The shallow surkski shape is much safer for kids to learn in than sit-inside boats – if they fall out, the boat says afloat and is easy to remount. The added weight of the polyethylene construction allows the boat to sit lower in the water. This gives more stability, an advantage in rougher conditions, for smaller-sized and less experienced paddlers. What’s more, the curved needle nose shape is wider at the back adds stability exactly where it’s needed.

Again, the solid construction saves the lectures about having to be precious with the boat. Plus it’s easy to care for and maintain. Combine all this with a sharp price and the Nelo 510 becomes a practical boat for recreational paddling or racing for the whole family.

Check out this video of Nelo CEO Andre and his daughter testing the Nelo 510 




Specifically designed to cater for a wide range of paddlers (in terms of both size and ability) the 510 represents real value for money for clubs. Carbon/PVC footrest and pedals make it super simple to adjust the footplate length, which has 10mm intervals for a customised fit. Just pull two pins and move to suit – even while sitting in the boat. Best of all, if it’s not being used as a surf ski or learners boat, the Nelo 510 is the perfect size to train in for national sprint competitions. And it’s fast!

Of course the strength and durability of materials makes the Nelo 510 an investment at will be a star in the club’s library of boats for years to come.



The Nelo 510’s easy to handle on land as well, thanks to the front, back and side handles. The shorter length fits well on top of your car and stores easily in the garage. Plus they’re relatively lightweight to carry at just 22kg.



All models come with:

  • Foot-operated bailer
  • A surf rudder for downwind racing

I adjusted the balier to the first position with my heel easily (slightly open) and wound up the cadence for the next runner. Sliding easily down this, I used a lighter touch on the pedals and soon I was able to switch the boat back and forth easily, linking runners far more nimbly than I was ever able to do with the longer boats.

Garth Spencer, elite surfski athlete

Read Garth's full review of the Nelo 560 here


To download the Nelo Surfski Brochure click here



Nelo Surfski 510

Athletes Kg Range: 40kg to 125kg
Boat Length: 5.1m
Boat Weight: Under 22kg with accessories
Ideal For: Novice, Intermediate and advanced surfs paddlers
Stability Level: 4 (medium)
Construction Options: Polyethylene, Grade II
Price: $3000 (Incl GST and freight to Auckland)
Warranty:  2 year limited warranty
Paint Design: Blue, Pink, Grey or Green


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Nelo Order Schedule

NEXT ORDERS DEADLINE: End of January 2024
Dates are a guide only and may be subject to change.
Shipping: We order minimum of four boats to be shipped together. This keeps shipping costs to a minimum.

Shipping dates may be moved forward if numbers allow, so get your mates on board too. 
(Sorry, Nelo K4 boats must be shipped in a container and cannot be shipped separately.)
Express Shipping: If you would like your boat ASAP we can have it sent from Portugal as a single order by sea freight. Cost is $700 per boat.
Deposit: 50% deposit is required before orders will be sent to Nelo. The balance will be due upon delivery  


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