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Jantex Paddles


Jantex technicians use the best lab rats – the world's top paddlers. Rene Poulsen has helped to test and refine the latest Jantex Beta Rio range of blades. Paddling legend Max Hoff had a hand in the new Jantex Gamma Rio blade design. 

Sam Clark won the NZ 2017 Coast to Coast using a Jantex Paddle"The Jantex paddle was absolutely perfect for the conditions. I was able to hammer the entire length of the Waimak. Thanks so much."

Sam Clark, Winner of the 2017, 2018 and 2020 NZ Coast to Coast

Sam uses a Jantex Gamma Rio Small plus with metal tips on a soft shaft.

Jantex Professional Paddles – from Slovakia to the world.

Jantex Founder, Jan Rasnak, was a member of the Slovak wild-water national team from 1993 to 2003. Jan combined his background in mechanical engineering and his talent for kayak racing to produce the original Jantex Gamma paddle. 

Jantex has been crafting winning paddles since 1993. Jantex Paddles are highly engineered using the latest technology and the world’s best materials. The result is a paddle that is second to none in speed and design. This has been proven time and again with outstanding results across all disciplines of kayak racing.

Gerard paddling with his Jantex paddle

I have been sea kayaking for 15 years, in which time I have bought 4 different brands of wing paddles. On a recent day trip I tried a Jantex Gamma Rio (small), after only 30 seconds paddling I knew I had to have one. It is the lightest and smoothest paddle I’ve ever used.

Gerard, January 2017

The new Jantex Beta Rio and Gamma Rio Professional Paddles.

Both new paddle ranges exemplify what great paddle design should be. Slick design, high quality fabrication and solid reliability. Jantex has worked with both Rene Poulsen and Max Hoff to make small changes which has resulted in big improvements. The catch, exit and overall feel of the blades are better than ever.

As always, the latest technology and composite materials (such as 100% carbon graphite fibres and high quality epoxy resin) have been used. And the extended range of blade sizes and shapes mean that everyone, from seasoned professionals to young newbies, will get the most from their stroke.

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