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Keep your new Jantex paddle in top condition.

Sandwich design zipped cover for easy access. Shoulder Sling for easy carrying. 

The Universal Paddle Cover model is a clever two piece design that can carry any Jantex Paddle both split and assembled

Blade Shapes: Suitable for all Jantex Blades including Jantex Gamma, Jantex Gamma Rio and New Gamma Rio Blades.

If you would like advice about which paddle bag would suit your paddle, give Terry a quick call on 021 074 8485.


Universal Paddle Cover

  • For Adjustable Shafts
  • Can transport paddles either pulled-apart or made-up
  • May be suitable for other paddle brands – please check with Terry before ordering

Standard Paddle Cover

  • For Fixed Shafts
  • Fits all lengths

Canoe Paddle Cover

  • Special shape and size specifically designed for Canoe paddles

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