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Nelo 550 Surfski

Price for Type 4 Construction. Type 7 Construction (SCS) $6790.

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A great balance between fun and fast.

Stable and quick - the Nelo 550 is able to be used in a range of conditions. This model will appeal to paddlers looking for comfort safety, stability and speed. It has enough balance to ensure paddlers feel comfortable in bigger waves.

As with the other Nelo Surfskis, the shorter length makes it more manoeuvrable, more responsive and fun. It fits safely on the car and in most garages (but remember to take it off the roof before you drive in, if the cars is low!)

There's a 550 model for everyone, with M, ML and L sizes (which relate to the weight of the paddler). The small sizes are great for shorter leg lengths too. 

Available in two constructions, Type 4 and Type 7, with Type 7 about 1kg lighter.

The Nelo 550 has the same easy to use footrest system as 510, 520 and 560 etc  – which you an adjust quickly even while you're sitting in it.

I adjusted the balier to the first position with my heel easily (slightly open) and wound up the cadence for the next runner. Sliding easily down this, I used a lighter touch on the pedals and soon I was able to switch the boat back and forth easily, linking runners far more nimbly than I was ever able to do with the longer boats.

Garth Spencer, elite surfski athlete

Read Garth's full review of the Nelo 560 here

A great boat for intermediate paddlers.

Read the Paddling Performance Review here.


Nelo Surfski 550

Athletes Kg Range:  75kg to 120kg
Boat Length: 5.6m
Boat Weight: Under 13kg with accessories
Ideal For: Intermediate and advanced level Surfski paddlers
Stability Level: 3 (fairly stable)
Construction Options: Type 4 (Carbon Kevlar) or Type 7 (SCS)
Price: $6100 (Type 4) or $7000 (Type 7) Incl GST 
and freight to Auckland
Warranty:  2 year limited warranty
Paint Design:

Option to design your own flat or simple colour scheme using the Nelo colour planner. Ask Terry for more details.

To test paddle the Nelo Surfski 550 on the water please call Terry on 0210748485. 



Nelo Order Schedule

NEXT ORDERS DEADLINE: End of January 2021
Dates are a guide only and may be subject to change.
Shipping: We order minimum of four boats to be shipped together. This keeps shipping costs to a minimum.

Shipping dates may be moved forward if numbers allow, so get your mates on board too. 
(Sorry, Nelo K4 boats must be shipped in a container and cannot be shipped separately.)
Express Shipping: If you would like your boat ASAP we can have it sent from Portugal as a single order by sea freight. Cost is $700 per boat.
Deposit: 50% deposit is required before orders will be sent to Nelo. The balance will be due upon delivery 

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