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Revolutionary design marks a new era in Performance Kayaks.

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The new Nelo K1 Cinco: as powerful as it looks.

In essence, the Cinco design concentrates the athlete’s energy on moving forward – fast. Most of the new developments limit the side-to-side movement. This gives paddlers the feeling of a smoother line and increased power. The Cinco silhouette is a massive departure from the classic K1 shape. You may recognize the inverted hull design, similar to the last America’s Cup boats.

"The Cinco is much more course stable from the first stroke, meaning I don’t have to focus on steering, only on going faster and faster so I came up to max speed faster than usual."
Petter Menning K1 200m in 2013 world champion

See Petter's initial impressions of the Nelo K1 Cinco here


Check out this video of the K1 Cinco in action at the Nelo Training Centre in Portugal.
You get a really get a feeling for the smoothness of the boat through the water.


Get a one-of-a-kind paint job for your Nelo Cinco

The Cinco can be painted in several different colours and combinations – try designing your Cinco on the Nelo Microsite (scroll to the bottom of that page). Or you can go all-out and with a complete custom design like Lisa Carrington. Download a blank template PDF for the the K1 Cinco and K2 Cinco and get designing.

Talk to Terry for details and prices.


Watch Nelo CEO, André Santos discuss the design development of the Nelo Cinco. 


The Cinco design process

“After a great success in London 2012, you would not expect us to do something new or important. But we cannot be static. We want to surprise the world of canoeing with our ideas and projects.”
Nelo founder Manuel Alberto Ramos

‘Cinco’ (meaning ‘Five’ in Portuguese), refers to the five core qualities of the design

  1. Efficient 

  2. Fast 

  3. Modern 

  4. Comfortable 

  5. Beautiful 

This revolutionary kayak design started when Nelo took a fresh look at the Quattro. Nelo conducted hundreds of live tests, gathering a massive amount of quantitative data and qualitative feedback from top athletes.

Nelo identified two main issues that could be improved:

  • Help athletes reach top speed as soon as possible
  • Maintain a better pitch through the race, especially towards the finish

So the redesign focused on:

  • Placing the athlete closer to an optimum pitch, even before the start of the race 
  • Reducing pitch and heading in the moments of maximum power 
  • Making sure that the trim was sustained during cruising speed and when power per stroke drops

If you’d like to talk in-depth about this revolutionary new design, please call Terry on 0210748485.

The five big design changes

1. Revolutionary inverted hull design
This hull marks an exciting new era in kayak design. Tested and honed, the final shape keeps the boat closer to its optimum trim for longer. Reducing unwanted heading changes and side-to-side movement seriously improves stroke efficiency. It allows the athlete to work closer to the axis, minimising variations in angle even as power per stroke changes.

In choppy conditions, the extra stability in the Cinco design helps the paddler focus more on the racing and less on the waves.

"I think that it was better in the waves because of the higher deck, something that is usually a problem for me since I am quite heavy. It wasn’t hard to handle the boat no matter what direction the wind came from"
Petter Menning 

2. Streamlined deck for freedom of movement
Athletes can catch and push almost without noticing the deck is even there. They feel unrestrained, able to deliver maximum power.

3. Five Cockpit Sizes
K1 Cinco takes athlete’s comfort to the next level by offering five different cockpit: M, ML, L, XXL and XXXL.

4. Folded Stern
At the back you’ll notice a deeper hull with a more pronounced fold. This allows a faster recovery out of the water, by reducing both the pitch and heading movements. It also appears to have a truncated shape due to the angle of the stern, which makes it act like a longer boat, again improving stability.

5. Latest rudder
The new NACA 6 profile rudder is the longest yet. The added depth gives the maximum heading without increasing drag or reducing turning rate. Plus the Cinco is designed with an easy-open rudder hatch for quick access.

"I have had the luck of working alongside Nelo in the development of this boat and I have to say that it is the best boat I have ever tested in my life. I look forward to reaching new speed records this summer."Petter Menning


If you have any questions please call Terry on 021 074 8485
Athletes Kg Range:  M (under 70) to XXXL (over 95kg) 
Boat Length: 5.2m
Boat Weight: 10-14kg
Ideal For: Racing I Marathon
Stability Level: 1 (unstable)
Cockpit size: M, ML, L, XXL, XXXL
Construction Options: F, G, SCS, E, WWR
Price: $5600.00 (for F type construction) Incl GST 
and freight to Auckland
Warranty:  2 year limited warranty
Custom Paint Design:

You have the option to design your own colour scheme or your own Nelo custom design for your Cinco. Price depends on complexity for the design. Simple designs may cost no extra

Download a blank template PDF for the the K1 Cinco and get designing.




Nelo Order Schedule

Dates are a guide only and may be subject to change.
Group Shipping: We order minimum of four boats to be shipped together. This keeps shipping costs to a minimum. Shipping dates may be moved forward if numbers allow, so get your mates on board too.
Express Shipping: If you would like your boat ASAP we can have it sent from Portugal as a single order by sea freight. Cost is $700 per boat.
Deposit: 50% deposit is required before orders will be sent to Nelo. The balance will be due upon delivery.

Thanks to Max Hoff's Facebook Page for the pictures. 


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