MOCKE Life Line Calf Leash

A good calf leash is one of the most essential safety accessories.


Awesome safety features with quality construction. 

MOCKE have produced a sturdy and practical Calf Leash to ensure your boat does not go astray if you bail out. The military-grade stainless steel buckle never fails, is quick to attach and has no sharp hooks. Two high quality swivels prevent your leash from twisting and keeps the rope out of the way. However, if you do get in trouble on the water, there's no mucking around with the MOCKE calf leash. The strap is designed for quick release - just pull the red tab. 

Designed for open ocean paddling and leisure kayaking. Not suitable for surfing waves. 

Check out the video below to see Dawid Mocke discussing the Life Line Calf Leash design and features.



  • High performance stainless steel buckle specifically designed to eliminate gate failure; no spring or pins to break
  • Simple to use press and connect mechanism
  • Rip to release system for disconnecting in a hurry – just pull the red Velcro tab
  • Double swivel design prevents twisting and tangling
  • Lightweight, compact design
  • Extra strong construction to ensure ultimate reliability

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