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NELO Viper Touring Kayak Range

Price for A1 Construction starts at $3,500. For other Constructions please ask Terry.

The Nelo Viper Range offers a good starting point for athletes ready to step up to a great racing Kayak. Ideal for Masters athletes.

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A great balance of speed and stability

Known as 'fast touring kayaks', they let you experience the Nelo Kayak advantage at a price which reflects the quality of the equipment yet won't break the bank.

Check out the video below to see how each models adds together to creates a kayak range that complements your ability to help improve your performance.


Entry level athletes should start with the Viper 60 Kayak, a wider Kayak that offers more stability. This way you can work on your paddling style and improving your race times without worrying about balance. As your technique improves, you can move up to a thinner Viper Kayak with less resistance, which allows you to be even faster in the water.

The Nelo Viper 55 is the intermediate model with enough width to be used in multiple environments. In terms of speed and stability, the Viper 55 is placed between the super-fast Viper 51 and the the slower-but-more-stable Viper 60. If you've started paddling with the Viper 60 (or similar models) and would like to add speed, but aren't quite ready yet for the Viper 51, then this model is for you. Similarly, if you're using a Viper 51 but that feel that more stability could improve your performance, the Viper 55 should suit.  It's also ideal for athletes who like to take their kayak for a serious spin on the weekends and keep things lively.

To see each model in serious technical detail on the Nelo New Zealand website, click the links below.

Viper 60: Entry level model with maximum stability

Viper 55: Adds speed but keeps some width and stability

Viper 51: Fast model for experienced athletes who have mastered their technique and stability

Viper 48: The fastest touring model, very thin for maximum speed

Viper 46: The ultimate Masters K1, the Viper 46 takes its design lines from the Cinco. Proven to be very popular in Europe. Available in sizes up to XXL.  Note: Not available in A1 Construction. Price is $5900 due to more expensive construction materials.

Viper Racer: The Viper shape reduced to its thinnest: a true racing model

Plus you can individualise your kayak's exterior with a custom paint design.

ipaddle can help you customise your NELO Kayak to suit your body shape and paddling style. Just talk to Terry on +64 21 074 8485.




Nelo Order Schedule

NEXT ORDERS DEADLINE: End of January 2024
Dates are a guide only and may be subject to change.
Shipping: We order minimum of four boats to be shipped together. This keeps shipping costs to a minimum.

Shipping dates may be moved forward if numbers allow, so get your mates on board too. 
(Sorry, Nelo K4 boats must be shipped in a container and cannot be shipped separately.)
Express Shipping: If you would like your boat ASAP we can have it sent from Portugal as a single order by sea freight. Cost is $700 per boat.
Deposit: 50% deposit is required before orders will be sent to Nelo. The balance will be due upon delivery 

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