Nelo custom designs

A selection of Nelo Kayak custom designs

Create your own designer kayak with Nelo


Create a look that reflects your style and sets your boat apart from the pack.

Design your own Nelo Kayak


Price depends on the construction of the boat and the complexity of the design. Please contact Terry to discuss your options. 

The process

 It’s easy to do. Design options are limited only by your imagination!

  1. Use one of Nelo’s colour scheme apps to design your boat

    You can use the design program on the Nelo New Zealand Website to play with different colours on any Nelo model. Have a go - it’s good fun. For more complex pattern like hibiscus flowers, flames and stripes, have a go on the Nelo design platform here.

    The New Nelo Cinco can be painted in several different colours and combinations at no extra cost – try designing your Cinco on the Nelo Microsite (scroll to the bottom of the page). Or you can go all-out and with a complete custom design like Lisa Carrington.

  2. Create a hand-drawn or airbrushed one-off creation

    Go all the way and create a one-of-a-kind illustration. To download an outline of your kayak model, just go to the Nelo New Zealand website. Simply select your kayak model (e.g. Nelo K1 Quattro), then click the ‘colour scheme’ tab. Click the ‘download blank’ button on the bottom right of the panel and get designing.

  3. Email your design to Terry at and get the Nelo design team to check your design and advise you of extra costs, if any.

    The designers at Nelo check the design and will send a proof for you to approve. A simple colour-way design may incur no extra costs. More complicated designs will be quoted by Nelo for your approval before production.

    If you’ve seen the quality of a customised Nelo Kayak, you’ll know it will be worth every cent!

  4. Production and shipping
    When you are happy with the final artwork, Nelo will manufacture your boat shell and their skilled artisans will apply your custom paint job.

  5. Wow the spectators!

Download a blank template PDF for the the K1 Cinco and K2 Cinco and get designing.

Check out the video below to see an example of an seriously cool boat design in 3d!