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Paddle Sport Design

Paddle Sport Design for your new Nelo

Paddle Sport Design can help you create the look you’d like for your Nelo by putting you in touch with expert boat designers. They can interpret and develop your vision into something that looks amazing and can be achieved by the people at Nelo.


Paddle Sport Design black boat


Price depends on the complexity of the design. (Note: boat construction also restricts what can be manufactured). 

One colour only: free. Go directly to Terry, you don’t need a designer.
A basic design: simple geometric shapes and patterns (starts at $150).
Complex design: more bespoke with a combination of shapes and patterns.
Brilliant Design: like work of art and priced to reflect the time and skill involved.

Paddle Sport Design

The Paddle Sport Design Process

  1. Note down the model and construction of your boat.
  2. Go to the Paddle Sport Design website or Paddle Sport Design Facebook Page for inspiration.
  3. Choose a custom package that reflects the complexity of the design you would like and the cost you can afford.
  4. Write a brief of what you want and include some inspiration pictures. 
  5. Choose a designer. Although you can brief more than one designer for initial sketches of the design, you may get better results if you choose one whose work you like and develop the design together.
  6. Once you are happy, the designer will forward the Vector artwork to you for manufacturing. Forward this final artwork to Terry and he will instruct Nelo to paint your new boat. Nelo will check that the design is within the limits of the manufacturing process before proceeding. 

Paddle Sport Design pink

Plan B: Create you own using a template.

If you know how to use design software you are welcome to illustrate your own design.

Nelo requires initial artwork for them to check (2000x555px JPG or PNG) and final artwork for manufacturing (vector or EPS artwork, to ensure it renders nicely on the boat).

Tips and tricks

  • Select from the special gel colours: these will last longer.
  • 1st 70cm and last 60cm of boat must be 1 colour only.
  • Break up the design by colouring the accessories: stickers, rim, number holder, hatch, rudder...
  • Rim must be one colour only
  • Shapes on the hull must be 3cm wide
  • Avoid metallics
  • Gradients will be printed on vinyl only

Paddle Sport Design black and red
Taking care of your paint job

• Don’t leave it in the sun, apply solvents or abrasives
• Take extra care to avoid dings, especially when transporting – don’t tie down to tight
• Dry prior to storage and use a boat bag or cover whenever possible.

To talk to Terry about your design options phone +64 21 074 8485.