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Jantex ALPHA Kayak Paddle Blade

This Jantex Alpha kayak blade is for paddlers who prefer to keep their paddle close with a long pull stroke.

I do not carry the Alpha blades in stock so they would need to be ordered in from Jantex.

Order Now Exclusively From ipaddle NZ

You have a choice of carbon tipped blades fitted to an adjustable or fixed shaft. Each paddle is customised to your specifications (see Specs Chart below for options).



Blade Length

Blade Width

(sq cm)


Large Minus

515 168 800 760

Medium Plus

500 166 780


495 165 760 700

Medium minus

490 164 740 690

Small plus

485 158 720 660


480 158 700 650

*including adjustable shaft



Ultra light: Most common stiffness for use in flat water, marathon, ocean ski, multisport racing and down river racing. Lightweight construction with ideal stiffness for professional racers. Preferred by top paddlers.



Stiff blade: Ability to take loading in any direction. Designed mainly for Spec ski racing and large surf conditions or paddlers looking for a very stiff paddle




Paddle tips protect your blades from being knocked around while in the water. They can reduce wear and tear on the edge. 
However, they can increase the weight of your paddle. So if you paddle mainly on flat water at average distances, they may not suit your style. If you paddle in harsher environments, such as rivers, they can help extend the life of your blades immeasurably.

If you would like advice on whether you need Blade Tips, please give Terry a quick call on 021 074 8485.

    Carbon Tips

    • Designed for flat water and marathon kayaking
    • Offer improved protection and wearability
    • Don’t need sharpening 


       Adjustable or fixed shaft? 

      ADJUSTABLE SHAFTS give you a range of paddling lengths - useful for different paddling conditions. Adjustable shafts are also much easier to travel with!

      • Designed for frequent splitting (daily). 
      • Lock and unlock possible on the water without any tools with in-built lever.
      • Length adjustment available in 5cm or 10cm, line marks every 1cm. Angle adjustment L/R, line marks every 5° from 40° to 90°. 
      • Weight only 240gms.
      Important! Adjustable shafts need to be regularly cleaned with fresh water. 
If paddling on salt water, clean after each use.

      FIXED SHAFTS  will reduce the weight of the paddle as there's no join in the middle. 



      Made of carbon fibre, Kevlar and twill weave fabric. Carbon fibre strands are run lengthwise down the shaft to give it strength. Another layer of twill fabric on the outside gives further strength and a patterned appearance. This technique produces a thin walled, strong, light shaft. The percentage of Kevlar in each shaft determines the shaft’s flexibility. The more Kelvar, the more flexibility.



      Flexible shaft

      The most flexible of the Jantex shafts. Designed mainly for ocean ski paddlers and people just starting out. It’s easier on muscles because it’s got a lot of give.

      Flex: 6mm
      Construction: 70% carbon / 30% kevlar
      Label Colour: Green

      Soft Shaft

      Ideally suited to ocean ski, juniors and marathon paddlers who are looking for a slightly stiffer shaft. Gives a firmer feel in the water. Less strain on muscles.

      Flex: 4mm of flex over the length of the paddle.
      Construction: 85% carbon / 15% Kevlar
      Label Colour: White

      Stiff Shaft

      The most popular paddle shaft for flat water and marathon racing. A firm feel in the water. All the top sprint and marathon paddlers use this shaft.

      Flex: 2mm of flex over the paddle
      Construction: 100% carbon
      Label Colour: Yellow

      If you would like advice on paddle shaft selection, give Terry a quick call on 021 074 8485.


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