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MOCKE Smart Dry Bag XL – for iPhone 6 and larger Smartphones

Perfect your iPhone 6 Plus or Samsung Galaxy Note when you paddle


Keeps XL sized smartphones safe and dry functional out on the water

It's so important to have a functioning cell phone as part of your safety strategy when paddling offshore. The Mocke XL Smart Drybag means you can use your larger sized smartphone in an emergency without worrying about it getting wet or worse – sinking!

If it does fall in the water, the bag is 100% water tight and the phone will float. If it gets slammed by a wave, the Drybag is submersible up to 10m.

The bag maintains your phone’s functionality, reception and sound quality. You can use it as normal without removing it from the bag.

Its large clear window is designed for large smartphones with touch screens. There's a smaller window on the back that lets you to take great photos as well.

  • Fits large size Smartphones (like iPhone 6 Plus or Samsung Galaxy Note), with or without a bumper or cover
  • Measurements: 19 x 11 x 2 cm
  • Rated IPX8: 100% water & dust proof (the highest IEC 60529 rating possible for submersible enclosures)
  • Completely clear window for maximum visibility
  • Adjustable drawstring hangs around your neck or can be secured to the boat
  • Also good for cameras, electronic car keys and anything else you want to keep safe and dry.
  • Durable, Eco-Friendly TPU materials: 100% PVC free

For smaller Smartphones you can also choose the Mocke Smart Dry Bag

Tip:  Insert your phone upside down so that when you have to use it hanging from your neck, it will be the right way up. Your wet hands could bring moisture into the dry bag. Inserting a moisture protector like a ball of cotton wool or sachet of moisture absorber can help in keeping the inside dry.

Care: Every dry bag has a life span. Keep checking your Smart Dry Bag for cuts or tears. Every 2 years is a good turn-a-round for replacement. ALWAYS ensure proper closure of clamping system & check for obstructions that may compromise sealing. DO NOT overfill or force fill the bag as this can cause tears in the sides. TAKE CARE when putting keys in the bag so as not to puncture the bottom or the side walls


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