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Vaaka Cadence Sensors

Take your training to the next level with a Vaaka cadence sensor.

Take the guesswork out of training.

Top athletes and coaches harness the power of data to analyse and fine tune their performance in real-time.

“It helps me know exactly what I am doing with my training. I don’t think I could go back to training without it”
Lisa Carrington

The Vaaka Cadence Sensor attaches to your paddle to monitor your cadence (paddle stroke) in real time.

It wirelessly integrates with GPS training devices to incorporate stats like speed, distance and heart rate. So you can identify areas you want to work on and see the results in real-time, such as the differences your perceived effort makes to your actual stroke rate.

It allows athletes to easily monitor and improve their performance while on the water. Coaches can better structure training sessions and adapt them to include variables like wind speed and current.

Free Vaaka Analytics software brings the data to life with comparisons and graphs that give a deeper understanding of results. You can see the differences between efforts during a single session and over time between sessions. Perfect for post-session analysis.


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Check out this excellent endorsement video from Jaimee Lovett.



  • Removes the guesswork from training sessions
  • Assess average cadence, speed, heart rate and distance per stroke in real time
  • Work on consistency within a training session
  • See what differences in perceived effort actually make to your training
  • Identify your strengths and weaknesses by assigning an effort 
  • Monitor improvement between training sessions and over time
  • Download graphs and record your performance data for future reference

“Great bit of kit. Instantaneous feedback on stroke rate, it takes the guesswork out of training. Thanks guys.”
Ken Wallace



  • Lightweight, robust and waterproof (tested to 3m for 24 hours)
  • Easy to attach and remove for switching paddles
  • Integrate with ANT+ compliant watches eg Timex and Garmin
  • Combine cadence with GPS and ANT+ data for speed, distance and heart rate calculations
  • Once synched with ANT+ the sensor automatically turns on and off
  • Low power usage – change the battery every 2-3 years max

Combine with a Wash Rider Spare Wrist for maximum visibility while on the water.

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