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Wash Rider Folding Kayak Stands

Take a spare set of racks wherever you go.

Folding stands price is per pair.

Protect your kayak while you work on it.

Wash Rider Folding Stands keep your kayak off the ground, preventing scratches and scrapes to its gel coating. So handy before a race, while you adjust your rudder, or afterwards when you hose it down.

Rust proof: The frame is made from fully anodised aluminium, and the fittings are marine grade stainless steel. 

Portable: Fold flat, easy to assemble and weighting under 2kg – just pop them in the back of the car 

Universal design: takes any type of kayak hull

Handy: Acts like a spare set of racks in the shed

Check out the video below to see how simple they are to use.

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