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Jantex GPS Watch Holder

Is it just me, or is it pretty hard to check your watch while paddling? Problem solved with the Jantex Kayaks GPS Watch holder.


Keep an eye on your training with the Jantex Kayaks GPS Watch Holder

The specially moulded and cushioned holder positions your wrist watch, GPS watch or sports watch at the right angle and doesn't move around when you paddle. Perfect for keeping your activity tracker where you can see it, to make the most of your training session. Or just not get lost out there!

Attaches easily using two heavy duty suction cups to mount to the deck of your kayak or surf ski, SUP and most other paddle boards without screws. Soft construction prevents scratches or damage to the surface. Strong hold, but fully removable (take care).

Please note: I strongly advise making a lanyard to tether it to your kayak, in case the suction caps come off or it is knocked off while paddling in strong conditions.

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