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Waka Ama

Nelo V1 Waka Ama Collection


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We select paddling equipment that is efficient, durable and effective. A small but perfectly formed selection, you could say. If you have any questions or requests please call Terry on 021 074 8485.
Introducing the fastest Waka Ama on the market 

The Nelo Sprint V1 is a serious racing boat, developed for Waka Ama, OC1 and W1 events.  35-plus years of R&D in racing kayaks and has been poured into Nelo's first Waka Ama. Originally designed as a Paralympic racing kayak, The Nelo V1 has already made a big impact winning multiple divisions at the 2015 NZ Waka Ama Champs. Nelo prides itself on creating fast, modern boats that put the athletes comfort and performance centre stage. It may look sleek, yet the cockpit easily fits the larger polynesian frame. The solid construction uses hi-tech materials to keep the weight right down to under 15kg fully rigged.