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August 18, 2016

Olympic history is just one race away.

Lisa Carrington has qualified for the A Final to contest the Gold Medal for the K1W 500m Canoe Sprint. 

After wining the Gold Medal in her strongest suit, the K1W 200m, just 24 hours earlier, Lisa's challenge was to come down from such a mental high to focus on the race at hand.

Physically, the quick turnaround between the heats and semifinals tested the fitness of all the athletes; especially those who also raced in the Olympic Canoe Sprint Finals yesterday.

Carrington admitted she held back in Heat 1, in a tactical move mirrored by most of the competitors as they only needed to finish 5th or above to progress. Consequently times were slow: Carrington comfortably won the race yet placed only the 12th fastest time.

The Semifinal races were something else entirely. Only the 1st and 2nd from each heat, plus the best two 3rd placed athletes qualified for the A Finals.

It’s pretty tough out there, the competition is incredibly strong, some girls aren't making it through that are great paddlers so you have  to be at your best.
Lisa Carrington

Fortunately Lisa drew a relatively easy draw for Semifinal 1, with Litvinchuk of Belarus and Ruzicic Benedick of Serbia her main opponents. Litvinchuk pulled away in the first 500m and could not be caught. Carrington placed second.

I was consolidating, I didn't want to chase her, just do what I can do… [it’s important to] use energy efficiently. I paddled hard as could at the time.Lisa Carrington


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The K1W 500m A Final

As the fifth fastest qualifier, Lisa Carrington is beginning to look like the underdog. Kozak of Hungary, who was already the favourite, is the fastest qualifier, followed by Litvinchuk, Weber, Jorgensen.
It really could be anyone's race. A good recovery will be key to a good performance in the A Final, scheduled to start at 01:04am Friday NZT.

K1W 500m A Final Official Start List
5  GER  WEBER Franziska
6  HUN  KOZAK Danuta

Link to live results on Rio Olympics Website

For excellent profiles on most of the athletes check out the ICF website.




It was a strong start from Carrington, who was first out of the buckets followed by Jorgensen. Carrington fell into a steady rhythm while the the Dane speed ahead, quickly gaining distance from the pack.

Gradually Lisa clawed back the distance between them, winning easily by about half a boat length. Third and fourth place was closely contested between Cawthorne of Great Britain and Teresa Portela of Portugal with Mengana of Cuba and Alef En Ismil of Tunisia both well back.

K1W 500m Heat 1 results
Heat 1 Official Results
1  NZL CARRINGTON Lisa  1:54.765 Qualified for Semifinals
2  DEN  JORGENSEN Emma  1:55.660 Qualified for Semifinals
3  POR  PORTELA Teresa  1:56.439 Qualified for Semifinals
4  GBR  CAWTHORN Rachel  1:56.612 Qualified for Semifinals
5  KAZ  ANANCHENKO Zoya  1:58.136 Qualified for Semifinals
6  CUB  MENGANA Yusmari2:02.162 Eliminated
7  TUN  BEN ISMAIL Afef2:08.170 Eliminated


The race was a showdown between favourite Kozak and Litvinchuk of Belarus. The Hungarian lead convincingly from the start, up half a second at the 250m mark – the margin closed to half a boat length at the finish line.

K1W 500m Heat 2 results
Heat 2 Official Results

1  HUN   KOZAK Danuta  1:53.427  Qualified for Semifinals
2  BLR   LITVINCHUK Maryna 1:53.966  Qualified for Semifinals
3  RSA   HARTLEY Bridgitte Ellen  1:55.737  Qualified for Semifinals
4  GER   WEBER Franziska  1:56.601  Qualified for Semifinals
5  TUR   LIEPA Lasma  1:59.581  Qualified for Semifinals
6  BRA   VERGUTZ Ana Paula  2:00.680 Eliminated
7  PLW   TORIBIONG Marina  2:14.807  Eliminated



Heat 3

Fournel of Canada made a strong start, leading at half way, before China’s Zhou decided to make her mark on the race, coming through strongly to win by half a boat length. Fournel was followed closely by Ukrainian Povkh, but they looked like they were cruising to the Semis.

K1W 500m Heat 3 results
Heat 3 Official Results
1 CHN  ZHOU Yu 1:53.043  Qualified for Semifinals
2 CAN  FOURNEL Emilie 1:53.670  Qualified for Semifinals
3 UKR  POVKH Mariya  1:54.247  Qualified for Semifinals
4 SWE  JOHANSSON Karin  1:55.049  Qualified for Semifinals
5 SLO  PONOMARENKO JANIC Spela  1:55.934  Qualified for Semifinals
6 USA  HOGAN Maggie 1:58.970  Eliminated
7 SAM  CAIRNS Anne  2:01.885 Eliminated



Heat 4

Osipenko-Rodomska sprang out of the starting buckets and comfortably dominated her heat to qualify fastest for the semifinals. Second and third place were closely contested by Wojnarowska  and Aniushina.

K1W 500m Heat 4 results
Heat 4 Official Results
1  AZE  OSIPENKO-RODOMSKA Inna  1:51.750  Qualified for Semifinals
2  POL  WOJNAROWSKA Ewelina  1:52.193  Qualified for Semifinals
3  RUS  ANIUSHINA Elena  1:52.597  Qualified for Semifinals
4  SVK  KOHLOVA Martina  1:53.167  Qualified for Semifinals
5  SRB  RUZICIC BENEDEK Dalma 1:54.048  Qualified for Semifinals
6  AUS  FLOOD Naomi  1:54.150 Qualified for Semifinals



Looking relaxed, Carrington had a strong start and fell into a good rhythm. Litvinchuk speed ahead, grabbing the lead that she would not relinquish. Lisa turned it on with 200m to go, her signature move, but could not take first. She seemed comfortable with second, knowing it was enough to make the A Final. Ruzicic placed third in 1:57.294sec but it was not fast enough to make the A Final.

K1W 500m Semifinal 1 results
Semifinal 1 Official Results
1  BLR   LITVINCHUK Maryna  1:55.641  Qualified for Final A
2  NZL   CARRINGTON Lisa  1:56.155  Qualified for Final A
3  SRB   RUZICIC BENEDEK Dalma  1:57.294  Qualified for Final A
4  SWE  JOHANSSON Karin  1:59.321  Qualified for Final B
5  POL   WOJNAROWSKA Ewelina 1:59.458  Qualified for Final B
6  UKR   POVKH Mariya  2:00.714 Eliminated
7  KAZ   ANANCHENKO Zoya  2:01.660  Eliminated


The Hungarian raced like she had something to prove, almost 1 sec ahead at halfway, definitively smashed the field by almost a boat length in 1:54.241sec. Zhou was pipped at the post to take third in 1:55.311sec. Just ahead, Jorgensen grabbed second place, 1:55.193sec. All three will start in the A Final. 

K1W 500m Semifinal 2 results
Semifinal 2 Official Results
1  HUN  KOZAK Danuta  1:54.241  Qualified for Final A
2  DEN  JORGENSEN Emma  1:55.193  Qualified for Final A
3  CHN  ZHOU Yu  1:55.311  Qualified for Final A
4  RUS  ANIUSHINA Elena  1:57.229 Qualified for Final B
5  SVK  KOHLOVA Martina 1:57.801  Qualified for Final B
6  AUS  FLOOD Naomi  2:01.910  Eliminated
7  TUR  LIEPA Lasma  2:08.450  Eliminated



Azerbaijan's Ozepenko-Rodomska explodes from start, but beaten in last 250m by Weber of Germany (1:56.515sec). Ozepenko-Rodomska placed second to secure her place in the A Final (1:57.627sec) Ponomarenko Janic took third (1:58.098sec) but it was too slow:  she qualified for the B Final. 

K1W 500m Semifinal 3 results
Semifinal 3 Official Results
1  GER  WEBER Franziska 1:56.515 Qualified for Final A
2  AZJ   OSIPENKO-RODOMSKA Inna  1:57.627 Qualified for Final A
3  SLO  PONOMARENKO JANIC Spela  1:58.098 Qualified for Final B
4  POR  PORTELA Teresa  1:58.360 Qualified for Final B
5  RSA  HARTLEY Bridgitte Ellen  1:58.397  Qualified for Final B
6  GBR CAWTHORN Rachel 1:58.410  Qualified for Final B
7  CAN  FOURNEL Emilie 1:59.638 Eliminated


How to keep up with the action

Sky TV: live racing, check the listings for details

Prime TV: free viewing, possibly a little delayed

Nelo New Zealand Facebook Page: Of course we'll be up and watching – expect a blog on the results ASAP after the racing.

Canoe Racing NZ: CRNZ Facebook Page and CRNZ Website will have daily updates

Rio 2016 Offical App: excellent App - all the info, live updates etc

Rio Olympic Website: Full listings, live results etc

NZ Olympics App has video, news and listing on it as well

ICF Website: Great Olympic news, packed with info on the competitors

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