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Wash Rider Seat Pad

The Wash Rider foam seat pads are cut for surf skis or kayaks can serve paddlers in two ways:

  • Increasing comfort by reducing the grinding of sit bones on hard ski and kayak seats
  • Secondly, creating a firmer, stickier seat which can be great for paddlers who slide in the ski bucket or rough water

These are 7mm foam stick-on seat pads which are suitable for surf skis and kayaks. The shape is ergonomically designed to allow for greater comfort around the coccyx and sit bones.

They are easy to cut down with kitchen scissors or stack one on top of another for thicker padding.

The 3M adhesive backing is secure on your seat and is easy to remove when no longer needed.

If you need extra height (or cushioning), the seat pads can be safely stacked up and stuck together.

Colour: Black

  1. Clean any salt, dirt or polish from the seat area and let dry.
  2. Before peeling press pad onto seat or ski bucket for fit. Cut down to fit.
  3. Peel and stick foam seat pad onto the seat. Let set for 24hrs before use.

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