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Wash Rider V4 Aero Y-Bar Roof Rack for Kayaks

Next generation roof racks for kayaks and surfski.

Sick of scratching around for bungee cords and flicking yourself in the eye when you'd rather be out on the water?

The next generation – Wash Rider Y Racks – feature built-in retractable ratchet straps which pull out and clip securely so you can attach your boat in seconds. They pop securely into the centre bar, which can be left on the car without adding significant height or drag.

The Wash Rider V rack was a big hit in NZ. Its revolutionary angled shape made attaching your boat securely to your car quicker, easier and safer.

Wash Rider Y Racks provide a more supportive set of cradles for your kayak or surf ski, especially if your car has a short roof. The Y shape perfectly fits most K1s, K2s, surfski and spec skis.


  • Built-in retractable ties
  • Angle fits most kayaks and surfskis
  • Easy removal of Y racks – pop in and out of centre bar
  • Padded cradles are gentle on your boat
  • Thin width means you can add multiple Y Racks and boats to your roof at one time
  • Keeps your boats from scratching the car roof paintwork and vice versa
  • Made from lightweight and rust-resistant aluminum

How to use:

The long central bar attaches to the roof of your vehicle as a semi-permanent fixture. To attach the Y–Bar end pieces, simply push the button and slot them onto the center bar making sure the button pops through the hole to secure. Place the kayak on top. Pull the built in strap and loop over the top, then hook in the loop on the other side of the Y Rack. Ratchet to tighten until firm.


MAIN BAR: 1760mm in length

TOTAL WEIGHT: 10kg approx



Suitable for: K1 Kayaks, Ocean Skis, Multisport Kayaks and single Waka Ama

Angle: approx. 90º

Length: 300mm 


K1 Y-Bar Kit contains:

1 x main bar

2 x standard Y-Bar attachments

4 x bolts

4 x plates

2 x built-in retractable straps with hooks and loop


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