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Sete User Manual




Start with the seat in the middle position.

In the middle position the distance between the seat and the footrest varies between 65cm in the S model and 85cm in XXXL model.

Move the footrest to fit you. By using the full or “middle” adjustment positions you can get a large range of adjustments options.

The seat platform and the seat rails offers a wide interval of adjustment options too. This and the footrest settings allows the ideal configuration to the perfect paddling position.

Check the behaviour of the boat at competition speed. The bow should be just touching the water. In a stopped position the bow should be under the water.

You should move your seat and footrest together until your boat is performing as described at the previous point.

NOTE: This is just one of many methods of finding the best position, though it always changes slightly from person to person, but these are the basic rules.

Moving the seat and the footrest so it’s equal. For example, if you move the seat one position to front, you need to do the same in the footrest to keep the same distance.


Nelo offers five different seat models so you can choose which is more comfortable for you and your paddling style.

All models are configurable in many different height and angle positions.

Seat Models


It’s where the seat will slide to be fixed at the right position.

Fitting the seat
Inserting the in to the Seat Platform
Slide the seat through the seat rails until your right paddling position


    Adjust the seat

    Adjust the seat angle view


    Adjusting the seat height and angle

    1. Remove your seat from your boat (if it’s installed)
    2. The seat and the seat rails* have a few adjustable options
    3. Loosen the 4 screws that are attached to the seat and choose the right height and angle position
    4. When done tighten well the 4 screws again.
    5. Put the seat on the boat.


      Setting up the footrest

      Footrest is fixed to the boat sliding it in the footrest rails and attaching two screws (one in each side) when it’s on the right place.

      Adjust footrest

      Nelo footrests have many adjustable settings for total comfort and control.
      To set up you just need to loosen some screws and smoothly adjust the plates to the position that you want.

      When you've finished remember to tighten the screws again.


      You can add a pull bar or a foot strap. You just have to fix it with four screws (two in each side) as the image suggests.


      Footrest adjustment



      Not all strokes are 100% perfect, specially when applying maximum power, and everyone wants to keep the boat as pristine as possible, we developed an adhesive transparent boat protection to discreetly protect the boat from hard blade hits.

      Paddle Protection

      How to apply

      1. Clean and dry the area well before applying the Paddle Protection.
      2. Peel the white paper backing off the sticker.
      3. Slowly lower the sticker onto the boat and rub it in place firmly with a squeegee or credit card to avoid air bubbles.


        This is fixed at the bottom of the boat, in front of the footrest or/and under the seat. It is specially designed to attach accessories like weight kits or heel support. It is 100% aluminum.



        T- BAR

        It is the “steering wheel” of the boat. The cables are attached to the T-Bar which controls the rudder. The tube has telescope length adjustment so you can set it precisely for your fitting in a snap. Larger adjustments also easily available through the support plate holes.




        The footrest is an essential piece of outfitting on your boat. It provides a contact point where you can transfer the energy you get from your paddle into the movement of the kayak using all the power of your lower body.

        Nelo footrest offers a few configurable options such as angle and depth adjustments. And now it offers more strap options.



        By default, all footrests come configured with the full footplate. To remove it you just got to release four screws placed at the back of the footrest.



        RUDDER ( Sete | Marathon )

        It allows you to turn the boat. Sete Rudder (6mm). 100% carbon. Ideal for sprint use.

        Marathon Rudder (6mm) - Specific for marathon. 100% Nylon for impact resistance.


        How it works

        1. Insert the rudder through the hole in the hull.
        2. Insert the shaft into the crosspiece hole. The arrow on the crosspiece should point forwards.
        3. It only fits in one way, so don’t worry if it’s ok. It will be.
        4. Tighten the rudder crosspiece screw.


          It’s where the rudder cables are attached which makes it possible for the rudder to turn. It gives a sensitive, smoother control thanks to the new design.

          Rudder crosspiece

          How it works

          1. Right and left rudder cables are attached to it with knots.
          2. Rudder enters in the one way channel and it’s tightened with a simple screw.

            NUMBER HOLDER

            This is where you place the competition number or lane number. It is made of 100% plastic and fixed only with two simple nuts.

            Number Holger

            How to replace

            1. Remove old Number Holder from your boat unscrewing old screws.
            2. Put the new Number Holder at the same place and tighten the new nuts.


              You can use the Number Holder to fix some useful tools. The number holder it’s compatible with GoPro mount system so you can place here, for example, your camera or a Nelo Waterproof Phone Bag. It’s also a comfortable bed for your rudder when you’re in travel.

              Not just a number holder


              CABLE GUIDES

              Are used to guide the rudder cables to the crosspiece. They are low friction so you can have a smooth boat control.

               Cable Guide


              RUDDER CABLES

              The rudder cables make the connection between T-Bar and Rudder Crosspiece and allows the rudder to work, so your boat will turn correctly.

              Rudder cables




              It is used to tighten the rudder cables, in a quick way, which allows the rudder to turn better.

              Rudder Adjustment System

              How it works

              Thanks to its easy pulling system you just need to pull to tighten or extend the rudder cables until they are as you want.



              This document sets out the sole and limited warranty which Nelo is giving on Kayaks. This warranty should be reviewed carefully, together with the User Manual.

              BASIC WARRANTY

              Nelo warrants the boat, except for excluded items, and when properly used, will be free of defects in materials or workmanship for a period of 24 months from the time of delivery of the boat.

              Warranty on other Composite Parts
              The following parts: Seat, Foot Rest, Rudder, Hatch and Hold Number warranted to be free of defects in materials or workmanship for a period of 24 months from the time of delivery of the boat. Warranty is valid only when the products are properly used.

              Transfer of Warranty
              If you sell the boat during warranty period, your buyer may receive the benefit of the balance of the warranty by agreeing to be bound by its terms.

              Authorized Dealers
              To obtain a list or confirm that you are dealing with an Authorized Dealer contact Nelo.

              Excluded Items
              Nelo gives no warranty of the following: Any components manufactured other than by Nelo.

              • Sun damage: If the boat is exposed to the sun for long periods of time it may cause some damages to the composite material. In that case, the warranty shall be voided.
              • Osmotic Blistering: A primary factor in the design of the boats is high perf ormance, top speed and trailing ability. The vast majority of the boats are dry sailed and as a result surface coatings and the thickness there of were chosen with respect to their potential performance characteristics. If the boat is left in a wet cover wet, the osmosis warranty shall be voided.
              • Collision damage: Damages resultants from collisions or misusag e are not covered by warranty.
              • Salt oxidation: If the boat is used on salt water and isn’t regularly washed after use that may oxidate some boat parts. In that case, the warranty shall be voided.
              • All repairs not made by Nelo or Authorized Persons are not covered under this warranty.

              Proper Use
              All of the above warranty clauses are expressly conditioned upon the proper use of the boat. This means that you follow the indications reviewed at the manuals and perform suggested maintenance to the boat as recommended in it.

              Warranty Claims
              In order to make a claim under these clauses you must do the following:

              • Report the defect to Nelo within thirty days of discovering it. The report must identify the Serial Number, date of delivery and photos.
              • Make the boat available for inspection if requested.
              • Make the boat available, when required, for repairs by Nelo or Authorized Persons.
              • Nelo reserves the right to choose an outside technician to do the repair. All warranty requests must be accompanied by a detailed written estimate prior to beginning any warranty work and it must be approved by Nelo. 

              Repair or Replacement
              Nelo shall perform its obligations under the terms of this warranty at its option either repairing or replacing defective part or component. Parts or components do not extend the warranty period but these repairs or replacements will be covered for the balance of the warranty period.

              Exclusion of Implied Warranties
              The foregoing warranty is intended to be in lieu of all other warranties express or implied. NELO disclaims all implied warranties including warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. In such jurisdictions these exclusions are limited the NELO expressly limits any implied warranties to the greatest extent and to the shortest duration allowed by law

              Limitation of Damages
              Nelo disclaims any liability to you for incidental, consequential or indirect damages, including loss of time, loss of use, loss of revenue, travel expenses, transportation charges, food or lodging charges or loss of personal property. In such jurisdictions that these exclusions are limited to Nelo expressly limits its liability for damages to the greatest extent allowed by law.

              Whole Agreement
              This warranty is the sole warranty given by Nelo. Any questions about the warranty should be directed to Nelo – Mar Kayaks at

              Nelo Maintenance Guidelines
              One of the big advantages of composites is that they don’t require much maintenance. Nevertheless, there are a few rules that can extend your boat’s life.

              Do not put it in the sun for long periods.
              Composites materials may deforme when exposed to high temperatures for long periods.

              Do not tight it too strongly in the racks.
              Composites materials are strong and resistent but there’s no need to tight it too strongly into the racks.

              Only allow professionals to repair your boat.
              Only professionals know the best way to repair your boat.

              Never store or transport it inside the cover if the boat is not well dry.
              Composites materials may change some properties when are closed wet.

              Wash your boat after use it in salt water.
              Salt water, as well brackish or polluted water may oxidize and damage your boat components. A quick wash of the moving parts as footrests, seats and rudder system keeps them clean and working perfectly.

              Avoid direct collision with hard objects.
              That may damage and break your boat surface.