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Nelo Kayaks

The fastest kayaks in the world. Nelo are consistently represented and highly ranked at international events. Their quality and speed in the water is second to none.

Ipaddle is the New Zealand dealer for Nelo. We ship Nelo kayaks direct from the factory in Portugal. For an insight into the factory see Ben Brown’s vlog “Fly to Portugal, see Nelo Factory, stay in swanky hotel”.

Nelo released the Quattro in 2011. It has turned out to be a real winner. Some well known paddlers have had considerable success in their Quattos:  Lisa Carrington at the 2012 London Olympics; Max Hoff at the 2011 European Championships (where he set a new 1000m World record of 3:22.485).

Each year Nelo kayaks build on their success.

Nelo have a full range of customisable Paracanoe boats.

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