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Price for WWR Construction and F Construction. For other Constructions please ask Terry for a price.

This is the boat we will see leading the pack at the Tokyo Olympics and beyond.

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The new Nelo K1 Sete: blazing.

When Nelo launched the Cinco prior the Rio Olympics, its design was a massive leap forward. The streamlined shape was seriously fast but required athletes to modify their paddling style to achieve the best results. Even Lisa Carrington was cautious about its stability (clearly she got the hang of it).

The Sete embraces the best parts of the Cinco design, then improves the stability and steering so that a more natural paddling style is possible. The top speed is about the same: where it gains is reducing the loss of power between stokes, and the effort required to maintain direction. Overall the feeling is SPEED. That's why we love it. 



" frameborder="0" width="560" height="315"> Check out this video of the K1 Sete development by Nelo Portugal.



The Sete is Nelo's most advanced kayak design to date.


Improve a winning boat by keeping the good attributes of the Cinco while offering a better feeling of speed and improved direction.


A new design that stays closer to the optimum trim for longer and reduces the pitch and heading amplitude. The new shape was also thought to contribute for the rigidity of the boats.


Improved stiffness with Unidirectional Carbon placed as a full structural reinforcement net. 100% carbon reinforced rim adds rigidity on a structural part of the boat.


Similar top speed, when compared with the Cinco, but with an improved speed loss curve, resulting in a more efficient boat that sustains the top speed for longer. Less heading movement and better stability allows for more powerful strokes and smoother glide. 


With the Sete we cover a wider athletes range weight, from 55kg to over 100kg. K1 and K2 Sete are now available in S, M, ML, L, XXL and XXXL sizes. The K4 will be available in 3 sizes: M, ML and L.


New steering system. New rudder blade 100% carbon and a new shape. New T-Bar with easy length adjustment. New cable ties. All combine for more efficient and smoother steering, as well as better tracking in washy conditions.


No ideas for your new boat? No problem! Nelo's new partner, Paddle Sport Design can help personalise your paint scheme.

New accessories


The number holder is also compatible with GoPro mount system so you can attach  your camera or a Nelo Waterproof Phone Bag. It’s also a comfortable bed for your rudder when travelling.


Adjusting seats is much quicker and more efficient. Telescopic length adjustment means you can set it precisely in a snap. Larger adjustments are easily with the support plate holes. 100% carbon to avoid any losses in steering.


Sete Rudder (6mm). Ideal for sprint use. 100% composite carbon rudder with improved wing profile for better direction.

Get a one-of-a-kind paint job for your Nelo Sete

The Cinco can be painted in several different colours and combinations, or fully customised to your design. See the Paddle Sport Design website for options and costs.


" frameborder="0" width="560" height="315"> The Paddle Sport Design paint job is mean.




If you have any questions please call Terry on 021 074 8485
Athletes Kg Range: S (55kg) to XXXL (over 100kg) 
Boat Length: 5.2m
Boat Weight: 10-14kg
Ideal For: Racing I Marathon
Stability Level: 1 (unstable)
Cockpit size: S, M, ML, L, XXL, XXXL
Construction Options: F, G, SCS, E, WWR
Price: $6400 (for F type construction) Incl GST 
and freight to Auckland
Warranty:  2 year limited warranty
Custom Paint Design:

Go to Paddle Sport Design website for options




If you are interested in the Cinco, Quattro or older Nelo models just give Terry a call on +64 21 074 8485.

Nelo Order Schedule

NEXT ORDERS DEADLINE: End of January 2021
Dates are a guide only and may be subject to change.
Shipping: We order minimum of four boats to be shipped together. This keeps shipping costs to a minimum.

Shipping dates may be moved forward if numbers allow, so get your mates on board too. 
(Sorry, Nelo K4 boats must be shipped in a container and cannot be shipped separately.)
Express Shipping: If you would like your boat ASAP we can have it sent from Portugal as a single order by sea freight. Cost is $700 per boat.
Deposit: 50% deposit is required before orders will be sent to Nelo. The balance will be due upon delivery 

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