MOCKE Wave Deflector

Help keep the waves – and water – out of your surfski.

Makes for a much more pleasant day on the water – and faster racing.

This simple yet very effective surfski accessory keeps excess water out of your cockpit by deflecting the flow as it washes over the nose and front deck.

Great addition to any surfski or low kayak (such as a K2), especially in big downwind and into the wind conditions. Developed by the Mocke brothers – Jasper Mocke on his low volume Fenn Spark surfski, and Dawid Mocke in a double surfski, who rave about the difference it has made. 

The Wave Deflector is a piece of equipment that no serious downwind paddler should be without.
Easy to use: simply attach the leading edge of the wave deflector and you’re ready to go.

There are several ways to attach the Wave Deflector depending on whether you’d like to remove it or not. It’s a good idea to try a few distances from the cockpit to find the most effective spot for your craft.

Removable: Fasten with Velcro
Semi-permanent: Fasten with Duct Tape
Permanent: Fasten with Epoxy

  • Assists in keeping excess water out of your cockpit especially paddling upwind and when dropping into big runs

  • Generic, one size fits most design for single OR double surfskis – especially effective on double surfskis

  • Use duct tape or epoxy to stick the deflector down permanently or use Velcro to make it detachable

  • Compact but effective: adds virtually no weight to your boat

  • Tip: wear a peak cap as well, as sometimes the waves can be deflected on a high angle.

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