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Flow Kayaks

Price varies depending on model and construction.

Quality kayaks and surf ski made in New Zealand

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Multisport Kayaks and Surf Ski for Serious Paddlers

Flow designed Multisport Kayaks and Surf Ski’s are the result of years of racing and recreational experience. They rigorously test each prototype, which are created using the latest in computer aided design and tooling techniques.

Flow Kayaks was founded by Richard Ussher and Andrew Martin with a vision of creating the very finest Multisport Kayaks and Surf Skis on the market. Late in 2014, Neil Taylor took over the reins of Flow Kayaks and has been busy taking Flow product on the road.

A model for everyone who loves to get on the water

The Flow Range covers all paddler's skill levels, from elite racers through to those just starting out in the sport. Richard and Andrew have extensive experience in a wide range of kayaking disciplines and are truly passionate about the development of their unique designs.


Solid core Carbon / Innegra (their standard build keeps a little give in the boat so that it is far more durable than those with a honeycomb core which makes them very stiff but very fragile). Andrew has developed this build over 20 years of making down river kayaks.

All kayaks come with a one year manufacturer’s warranty.

If you'd like to know more about any of the Flow Multisport Kayak or Surf Ski range give Terry a call on +64 21 074 8485

The RUSH Multisport Kayak

The latest offering from the Richard and Andrew collaboration is proving to be a real winner. Richard paddled the prototype to win the fastest time in the 2014 Coast to Coast Race. This boat is very stable considering its speed, the harder you paddle the faster it goes - very little stern squat and climbs over wakes with ease. This is the next generation of elite multi-sport kayak. You will see it at the front of the field at all the major events in the future.


Suitable for: Advanced Multisport Kayakers
Length: 6.4m.
Weight: 12.2 Kg approx


The Rockstar Multisport Kayak

The first design collaboration by Richard and Andrew has set a new standard for speed and stability.

The Rockstar is designed to give intermediate to advanced paddlers more comfort and control in the widest variety of conditions possible. It is incredibly stable. This means more focus in any condition can go into what counts – moving forward as fast as possible. In testing, the Rockstar has matched many “elite” boats for speed on the flat-water and when conditions turns rough it leaves them for dead.

The Rockstar is proving to be a great lightweight boat. It is a manageable size while still providing plenty of volume for larger paddlers.

With a redesigned cockpit to allow for easier entry and exit and more room for stowage of compulsory gear behind the seat. No detail has been left unturned.

From the sea to lakes and rivers the Rockstar excels across the board and with a stability and speed combination most would have thought impossible.


Suitable for: Intermediate to Advanced Multisport Kayakers
Length: 595 cm
Width: 49 cm
Weight: less than 12 kg 


The Addict Ocean Ski

This is a fast ski and offers better stability than the Sharpski yet not giving away any speed. 


Suitable for: Intermediate to Advanced Ocean Skiers
Length: 640 cm
Weight: 13.5 kg


Superstar Ocean Ski

Heavy duty Kevlar/Nylon construction makes the Superstar extremely hard wearing without compromising speed.


Suitable for: Entry Level to Intermediate Ocean Skiers
Length: 595 cm long 
Width (at widest point): 49 cm 
Weight: 13.5 kg 


If you'd like to know more about any of the Flow Multisport Kayak or Surf Ski range give Terry a call on +64 21 074 8485


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