Nelo Coach App

Nelo Coach combines Nelo’s strong R&D background with the latest Smartphone technology. 

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Now you can take advantage of the software that Nelo use to test their gold medal winning boats

Nelo have been working with the World’s top paddlers for decades, testing and perfecting their racing kayaks at Nelo Training Centre in Portugual. As with all their products, Nelo has worked tirelessly to develop the best Smartphone App available. This really is value for money.


Train with your greatest competitor – yourself

Imaging how motivating it could be to see your top speed, stokes per minute and last lap time while you’re training.

Because the Nelo Coach App uses GPS tracking and other smartphone technologies to collect and display your data live, you can actually see the numbers ticking over as you paddle. It can display average speed, maximum speed, distance per stroke (DPS), overall distance and pace. No more fooling yourself about how hard you're working!


Introducing the Nelo Coach App


How it works

Nelo Coach App works in tandem with the Nelo Coach website. The App collects real-time information from your mobile phone – which you can see at glance – as you paddle. After training, just upload the session to the Nelo Coach website to access its powerful data analysis software. It converts the numbers into tables and graphs to enable you to compare and make it meaningful.


  • Easy to download and set up on your Android smart phone (sorry iOS not available yet)
  • No other device is required to measure the strokes
  • Simple interface – easy to use on the go
  • Controlled mostly through the sound ‘up’ and ‘down’ buttons on the side, so you won’t bump it while paddling
  • You can create laps, to track information over partial stretches, time periods and more
To Assemble

Pop your device in a waterproof vessel – the Mocke Smart Dry Bag is ideal. Attach it to you feet, boat or Wash Rider Spare Wrist, with the camera pointing towards you.


Nelo Coach Website

You can upload your data to the Nelo Coach website after each session, making it easy to track your training over time.

The simple type, click and drag interface is easy to get the hang of. There are lots of ways to personalise the data so it is useful to your training goals. The easy to understand graphs allow you to compare training sessions over time. So you can quickly measure and compare your progress and check where you can improve.


  • Divide sessions into laps to focus on difference distances
  • Zoom in and out of graphs to see more or less detailed data
  • Easy to stay organised by adding your own tags
  • Group similar sessions by goal, boat type etc.
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The Safe Mode Feature

If you’re training alone or off-shore, safety can be a concern. When activated, the Safe Mode feature of the App can automatically (or manually) send a stress warning to selected emergency contacts. Nelo understands the unique needs of paddlers.

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