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MOCKE Paddle Shell Bag

The paddle bag for maximum protection against knocks and dings.

It's like a bomber jacket for your paddle!

The MOCKE Paddle Shell is the ultimate paddle protector carry bag. It covers every side of your paddle with a thick wrap-around shell of impact foam that keeps your blades separated and safe inside.

As always, MOCKE have considered every detail: the sturdy handle allows you to free up your hands with its clip for extra gear (like your PFD, towel and hat - even all at once). Plus the tried and tested anti-corrosion zip won't seize up. 


  • Thick impact resistant shell
  • All-round protection
  • Blade separator inside
  • Durable water resistant fabric
  • Versatile carry-handle
  • Adjustable shoulder strap
  • Anti-corrosion zip

    Care: To preserve your bag's condition, please wash it at least once a season (or every three months).

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