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MOCKE UNISEX Paddle Shorts Patterned

Colour: Black/Printed blue and green

Developed for performance paddlers – maximum comfort in a stylish new design.

Ultimately, being comfortable means you can concentrate on your performance.

Mocke Paddle Shorts are designed for unsurpassed comfort for both men and women. Anti-rub flat seams and smooth cut eliminates skin irritation and chafing. Constructed for performance with unique 4D stretch fabric, UV resistant high tech fabric.

The modern active-style print features paddler silhouettes in a blue to green gradient on the side panel. More exciting signs to be released over 2016 so keep your eyes out. 

  • Unique cut and seam design that prevents chafing
  • Unisex design and cut
  • Double layer construction: outer layer sticks to the ski preventing you from slipping around, inner layer allows movement as you rotate through each paddle stroke
  • Drawstring waist to ensure a perfect fit

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